Painting to Life Project

For our painting to life project, Rachel and I used the painting Q Train by Nigel Van Wieck. The painting reminded us a lot of being in the DC metro and how you often see people looking sad or what not, so we decided to come up with a backstory to that. Rachel plays a girl who is so excited to spend some time with her boyfriend in Tenleytown, and we see them interact through the different camera angles/moves. We get wide shots of them embracing, over the shoulder of them walking, and even close ups of them talking. After venturing through a little bit of tenley, the two of them have to part ways, and this is where the painting comes in. We follow Rachel the same way we followed her in the beginning, but this time there is a shift in mood and she is sad when they part. The last shot is her on the metro, slumped over and rather sad looking, which is our version of the painting.


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