Last Visual Review: Spidey Sequence

Although now rebooted, the original Spider-Man series will always be my favorite. One thing I always remembered about watching them as a kid was the title sequences and how they made the films all the more memorable. I recently re-watched Spider-Man 2 and really liked the title sequence; it seems like the ultimate superhero movie beginning. It starts with that theme music that most people can point as being from the Spider-Man series, but rather than the blueish/silverish color scheme of the first movie’s sequence, this one takes a darker turn with deep red webs sketched on a bright red background with black undertones. Then we start to see drawn versions of the main characters as ways of introducing them in their known guises: Toby McGuire as Peter Parker, Kristen Dunst as Mary Jane Watson, and James Franco as Harry Osborne. Then, the creators of this sequence, Danny Elfman, does something interesting and fun for comic lovers: traditional animated versions of shots from the first movie serve as a recap of preceeding events, and provide an interesting visual contrast with the C.G. spider’s web animation, creating both an aesthetic and dynamic contrast. Scenes such as Parker’s encounter with the spider, his cage fighting, the infamous kiss between him and Watson, and the killing of the Green Goblin are all reeled out in this way, allowing a recapping of events while keeping the opening credits interesting. Even the webbing background turns from being C.G. to looking like black and white sketches with red thrown in. This title sequence works to show the audience what to expect from the movie while reminding them of what has already previously happened. The color scheme works with Spider-Man’s own color scheme but also lends to the darkness and maturity that evolves within the series. Viewer’s know something big is coming, and the visual choices made in these opening credits introduce this well.


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