Self Portrait Project


This is a picture I took with my Drake CD. I think it represents me because I love music, all types, and this is hands down one of my favorite CDs that I listen to all the time. And yes, I still buy CDs. For this image I used motion blur and then photo filter on a warming filter of 80.


This is one of the only pictures I have taken where you can see 1). my tattoo and 2). my dorm room. Both are rarely photographed but are both big parts of my life. For this I used black and white and then distort -> shear.

ImageMy last image is that of my pillow pet, Roger the turtle. I normally hate stuffed animals but Roger has grown to be an inside joke amongst me and my friends and serves as a sort of alter ego (look at that sassy face). For this I increased the hue/ saturation, posterized the image a little bit, and then used lens blur.


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