Visual Review 9: The Weeknd’s Website

For my website of a website, I decided to review that of the artist The Weeknd. Relatively unknown until now, the Weeknd’s music is a fusion R&B artist from Toronto, discovered by fellow Canadian Drake. Since his music has just been remastered and released on iTunes, I decided to check out his site and noticed some very deliberate visual choices. First of all, it is very simple, with a layout of black with white writing and an “XO till we overdose” emblem at the top, his “signature.” Also, it is set up much like a blog, where the artist posts various music clips, videos, and other digital media set up in a Tumblr style timeline. At the top there are several links you can click on such as “About,” “Videos,” and perhaps most interestingly, “Gang” where the members of his music team are listed under the headline “a small sample of the crew…” which many people may realize is a reference to the song “Crew Love” that made him popular. The side tabs of the website have the usual links to follow The Weeknd on Twitter, Facebook, and so on, but adds the words “Overdose on…” above the links. This shows that the Artist has taken on the form of a traditional blog but added his own touches with the categories. There is also a calendar of upcoming events and a moving countdown till his newest album is released. Although simple in layout, once someone is to listen to his music, they wouldn’t expect anything else in a website. The colors and simpleness go along with the dark themes he often explores in his music and lie in contrast with the colorful images of his videos that are posted throughout his sight. He often alternates between happy colorful scenes and then the same scene in black and white in these videos, so the site lends insight into what to expect from this particular artist.



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