Posted in November 2012

Last Visual Review: Spidey Sequence

Although now rebooted, the original Spider-Man series will always be my favorite. One thing I always remembered about watching them as a kid was the title sequences and how they made the films all the more memorable. I recently re-watched Spider-Man 2 and really liked the title sequence; it seems like the ultimate superhero movie … Continue reading

Self Portrait Project

This is a picture I took with my Drake CD. I think it represents me because I love music, all types, and this is hands down one of my favorite CDs that I listen to all the time. And yes, I still buy CDs. For this image I used motion blur and then photo filter … Continue reading

Picture #10: Silhouette

I took this picture of a tree set against some buildings in Adams Morgan while out and about DC and thought the silhouette shapes came out very nicely. You know what’s in the picture without seeing the actual objects in color, and the sky adds a nice pop.

Visual Review 9: The Weeknd’s Website

For my website of a website, I decided to review that of the artist The Weeknd. Relatively unknown until now, the Weeknd’s music is a fusion R&B artist from Toronto, discovered by fellow Canadian Drake. Since his music has just been remastered and released on iTunes, I decided to check out his site and noticed … Continue reading