Posted in October 2012

Picture #9: Isolated

Isolated. Played around with some jewelry and I thought this was cute. It’s actually an earring that I lost the counterpart for, so it was isolated in that it had to pair, and I stuck it at the front and it made for a good picture. Advertisements

Visual Review 8: Title Sequence

HBO is a channel that is known for shows that make big statements, and Boardwalk Empire announces itself every week with a sweeping, timeless main-titles sequence that establishes the character of Nucky Thompson and the tumultuous times evoked by the show’s period setting. To do this, the shows creators enlisted the help of company Imaginary Forces, the … Continue reading

Picture #8: Negative Space

  Negative Space. I thought it was really cool how this picture came out, because the darkness is encasing both the top of the concrete and the Katzen arts center. The negative space around these two objects allows them to stand out with a glow in the night.

Visual Review 7: The Social Network Poster

The Social Network was one of the most highly anticipated movies of 2010, seeing as how it tells the story of how what is arguably the most popular website, Facebook, came into existence. To do so, it chronicles the journey of Harvard student Mark Zuckerberg, a now infamous name. Zuckerberg is portrayed my actor Jesse … Continue reading

Creative Katzen: Picture #6

SHAPE. The lovely Katzen Arts Center, or at least part of it. I think it’s such an interestingly shaped building and I love how the little golden sculpture makes this look like theirs a shape within the shape.

Visual Review 5: She dreamed of paradise

Apart from being one of the greatest bands ever, Coldplay is also quite creative when it comes to their videos. Or at least their directors are. The video for the popular song “Paradise” features a unique staring character…an elephant! Well, it’s really just Chris Martin in an elephant costume, but still. From the beginning, the … Continue reading

Visual Review 4: Goodfellas

When a movie starts with the line “As far back as I can remember, I’ve always wanted to be a gangster,” you know you’re in for an interesting ride. And that’s exactly what you get with Martin Scorsese’s GoodFellas, a film that uses a strong visual style to chronicle the life of young boy turned gangster Henry Hill. Wanting … Continue reading