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Extra Credit

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Light it Up: Picture #4

Power: For this week, I decided to go literal. I took this with my iPhone and it’s in my dorm room so it’s nothing fancy, but i love how the earthy, brownish colors come together in these lines that make this a very vertically emphasized photo.

Visual Review 2: Photographer

A visit to Andrew Prokos’s website feels much like thumbing through a destination magazine or watching the travel channel. Prokos is most known for his photographs of landscapes and cityscapes, which he shoots both in vivid colors and black and white. Although all his work focuses on similar subjects, his most interesting project, or at … Continue reading

Visual Review 1: Web Video

In this web ad, Cadbury, the chocolate company, uses a very unusual method to sell chocolate. But even though the ad has nothing to do with the actual product, it is both visually appealing and entertaining in a way that makes a web sensation, well, a sensation.

Interesting to note is the rather plain color scheme, which stands in contrast to the up-beat music. We see two average looking caucasian children set to shoot a commercial. They are dressed in grey, monotonous colors, much like the background, and do not speak. The only pop of color we see is the girl’s purple frock, which is a deliberate choice to represent Cadbury. One could go so far as to say these children seem rather nerdy.

A man is seen checking something near the girl’s eye. This parks the first of many confusing images we witness. The children so not seem to be bothered and so it is easy to brush aside. However, as soon as the boy starts the timer on his watch, they break out in an eyebrow dance. Yes, an eyebrow “dance,” for lack of a better or more accurate word. The catchy music seems out of place amongst the kids but keeps the eyebrow dance and annoying expressions stuck in your head. You’re confused and repulsed, but entertained at the same time.

Throughout the dance, we are treated to a variety of camera tricks to enhance the visuals. There are close-ups of both children, and when the vocals start in the music the camera slowly pans in and then bam! Different angles are quickly used in conjunction with the music.

When the sounds of a switch board come up, the girl pulls out a balloon. It is almost like watching a breakdance routine with a DJ, except that we are presented with two rather plain, well-dressed children moving a rather unusual part of their body. It’s a reference to pop culture without any actual imagery. The camera eventually pans out, and we are then left even more confused as it ends with a visual of a chocolate bar.

Is it an effective commercial? Who knows! Personally, eyebrows do not make me want to buy a chocolate bar. But is it entertaining? You bet! By coming up with something this weird, the makers of this ad have done their job of staying in your head. And clearly the audience on the internet agrees. The video does not employ the use of animation, bright colors, nor anything flashy, yet somehow it works to keep viewers clicking that replay button.

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First VisLit Post: Take a picture, it’ll last longer

WILD. I chose this photo because the word wild instantly conjured up the image of a cheetah in my mind. I think the large jungle cat perfectly embodies the word and the side shot adds an air of mystery. Photo cred: Dave Retrieved from:¬† ISOLATED. I chose this photo because the beach pictured looks very … Continue reading